Master Your Do 1


Thời lượng học: 14 buổi + 1 ngày kiểm tra cuối kỳ và trao chứng chỉ tốt nghiệp.

Cấp độ: Cơ bản

Mục tiêu: Khoá kỹ năng này được thiết kế đặc biệt dành riêng cho những nhân viên mới, nhân viên văn phòng trong công ty với mong muốn làm việc tốt hơn.

No. Skills Objectives
1 Greeting – Getting to know someone
– Trainees know how to greet a person using proper body language
(Direct eye contact, firm handshake, straight back and balanced shoulders
and word stress)
2 Business card exchange – Knowing how to give and receive a business card
– Culture awareness in business card exchange
– Do and don’t in business card exchange
3 Task Taking – Knowing how to use a task taking form
– Using active listening techniques to confirm the given tasks
4 Effective scheduling – Understanding the importance of a schedule
– Knowing how to do an effective daily working schedule
5 To do list & check list – The importance of to do list and check list
– Steps to do a to do list and check list
6 Reporting – Types of reports, steps to do a good report
7 Brain Storming – Definition of brain storming
– Knowing how to use brain storming at work
8 Note Taking – Tips & steps for a good note taking
9 Telephone etiquette – Tools and tips to deliver clear messages via phone
10 Folders management – Ways to have good folders management
11 Computer files management – Ways to have good files management
12 Skype and antivirus protection – Applications of Skype at work and how to use virus software in an
effective way
13 Email – Basic format and formal language in writing an email
– Do and don’t in email writing
14 Smart phone applications – Knowing and apply useful smartphone applications at work