Inter Personal Skills (IPS)


Target Learner: For students, fresh graduate or under 2 years working experience

Objective: Course provides the basic and practical skills for working people from CV writing and effective interview

Duration: 15 sessions (include 11 learning sessions, 1 orientation, 2 reviews and 1 final test)

Course Fee: 4,500,000VND

Unit Lesson Objective
IPS101.1 Resume writing techniques Steps to have a neat, and precise resume writing
IPS101.2 Emailing Email formats, formal language used in email writingAvoiding common mistakes
IPS101.3 Telephone etiquettes + Taking an interview + Salary negotiation techniques How to be well prepared for a job interviewSalary negotiation techniques
IPS101.4 Tasking taking + Effective scheduling + To do list + Check list Effective task taking tipsTask management by scheduling, using to do list and check list
IPS101.5 Reporting + Speaking skills Clear and effective reporting through good speaking skill
IPS101.6 Greeting + Business card exchange Polite communication , body language and  culture awareness in greeting and business card exchange
IPS101.7 Company introduction Knowing how to have a good introduction of your company’s products and services
IPS101.8 Invite someone for diner + Table manners Proper language to invite someone to dinerDo and don’t while having meals
IPS101.9 Time management Knowing how to manage time effectively
IPS101.10 Stress management Causes of stressKnowing how to manage stress effectively
IPS101.11 Self-motivation The importance and techniques of self-motivation