Thời lượng học: 12 buổi + 1 ngày kiểm tra và trao chứng chỉ.

Cấp độ: Nâng cao

Mục tiêu: Các kỹ năng được thiết kế riêng dành cho các quản lý cấp cao và các cá nhân mong muốn vương đến vị trí cao hơn cấp quản lý trong sự nghiệp của mình.

No. Skills Objectives
1 Self-awareness Knowing how to identify your strengths and weaknesses that leads you to a successful leadership style
2 Self – regulation The importance of self-regulation, tips and tools that can be applied at work
3 Self-motivation The art of self-motivation which helps people walk to the end of their carrier path with success
4 Building up company culture Knowing how to build up a company culture
5 Motivate others Theory and practice of motivating others
6 Emotional management Self-emotion control
7 Strategic thinking Knowing how to do strategic thinking
8 Creative thinking Learning how to have creative thinking that would lead your company to success
9 Delegation The importance of delegation, knowing how to choose delegate and delegate well
10 Speaking skill How to do deliver a clear message without any misunderstanding
11 Active listening Knowing how to use active listening to have a deeper understand of your employees’ insight
12 Influencing people How to become an influential leader